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Why I left Godaddy and now use Google, Hover and Stable Host

Today, I finally cut the GoDaddy cord forever.

This is a big deal for me because, at one time I managed over 1,500 domains with their services for various clients, but today I have successfully moved my last domain away from GoDaddy.

Once a Great Titan, Now a Fossil Of Its Past Greatness:

Godaddy, at one time in history was the darling of the domain registrar business. I mean where else could you get your domain for under $10?

But in my opinion they’ve lost their way. From up-selling the living crap out of its customers to the point were you cannot even buy an expired domain without them putting you in an auction against sharks and domain trolls.
They’ve handicapped their support staff and spend more time annoying customers than helping.

Here are some of the pitfalls to using Godaddy and why I think Google Domains or maybe a better choice.

Site speed:

Godaddy, in my opinion is one of the slowest domain sites out there. Just trying to buy or sell a domain takes forever. Not only because they consistently try to up-sell or side-sell, but the site itself is painfully slow.

Then if you buy their site services such as web-design, your site will more than likely not even meet Googles’ minimum standards for indexing.

Companies like Google itself and even inexpensive hosting service such as, can increase your site speed by 2 to 10 time over Godaddy.

Helpless customer service staff.

In my opinion, the staff at Godaddy mean well, but they’ve tied their hands to a point were they cannot help.

Their suggestions go unheeded and it frustrates them immensely.

For example, I had a situation were I paid their service to bid on my behalf to win a domain, but their service failed and I lost out on a domain I was trying to get for more then two years.

But customer service could do nothing, except suggest to management that they fix the problem “So it doesn’t happen to the next customer.” When I asked if anyone would listen, the poor customer service rep apologized and said “NO”.

It’s sad that the management  has hobbled their employees that much.

I recently put a call into GoDaddy and felt frustrated by the layers of questions, not one of which matched my concern.
However I called another domain service choice and received a human customer support person with the power to do ANYTHING I needed on the spot. What a difference. I really believe that the auto attendant phone system has got to go.


Honestly the up-selling that goes on at Godaddy has become the most annoying thing ever. It impedes what I am trying to accomplish to a point where I am relieved to be using Hover and Google primarily.
Its like watching a movie on commercial tv VS watching on ad-free Netflix. Netflix is just easier.

Bastardizing the Domain Business like a 70’s used car lot:

Godaddy is famous for buying domains that you search for then putting it up for auction. I had this happen to me, which is why I was inspired to write this. I wanted a domain for my book business, it had expired so I paid for their service to acquire the domain. A week later I was informed that the domain was put up for auction by them and I was now a bidder. They gave no expiration date or what to do next other than say we will let you know if you have been outbid.

Which of course I was at the last second by a domain troll and now am being held hostage for the domain. Thanks Godaddy, that truly sucked.

You have turned the domain business into the wild wild west where average people are prayed upon by people you wine and dine.

Why I recommend Google Domains instead of Godaddy.

Google domains is like a utility program, that is easy to use and makes sense. Surprising for google there are no ads and they only offer you upgrades after you make your purchase.

I believe you get a little SEO bump or at least quicker recognition of your new site because its already on google’s servers.

Why I recommend Hover domains instead of GoDaddy.

Amazing customer service, Zero bate and switch and amazing DNS reliability. Almost zero down time.


I am not paid or have I received any compensation for recommending the above services.