I’m Broke, How Can I Publish?

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Self Publishing with No Money

I ran into a friend the other day that heard about my book, Gollup the Woods. She is surviving on little income with health issues.
She said to me, mid conversation,

“I wish I could afford to write my novel.”

Then I was on kBoards (after a recommendation from the Rocking Self Publishing Podcast) and found a blogger talking about the death of Tom Clancy. The blogger was encouraging everyone to write, as a legacy to their family because you never know when you are going to be taken from this world.
So to my friend I said:

“Given a enough time everything is possible, you could totally boot strap this project and do it for next to nothing.”

Her face lit up, then she frowned again.

“But My computer is so old!”
Could you ask your boss if you could come in to work an hour early and use theirs.
I see you have a smart phone, you could write it there.
Could you go to the library?
Have a friend fix up your old PC?
“But my old PC doesn’t have MS Word!”
Publish My Book BrokeThat’s great news, use google’s free software Google Doc’s, this way when you get to work early you can pick up right where you left off.
Save the book to Free DropBox and  this way when you have a free moment you can edit with your phone.
“But I don’t have the time to write, I work two jobs!”
Can you find an hour a day, every two, once a week? Read the book “Other 8 Hours” it teaches how to maximize your off hour’s, even though you don’t have 8 hours off, you might have 20 minutes here and there, and if you love to write, then it could be your hobby.
“But I can’t afford an editor.”
Could you use the reader built into your computer or phone to have the story read back in monotone? if you can afford $10 buy the app “Voice Dream” then listen to your story using it. Use the free version of “DropBox” so your book is available everywhere and Voice Bream will be able to play it.

Bottom line: Road Blocks are just Excuses Wrapped up in Pretty Packages.

Now get writing. Write for your family. Write for yourself.

Listen to my Podcast Interview on Rocking Self Publishing