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Why I left Godaddy and now use Google, Hover and Stable Host

Today, I finally cut the GoDaddy cord forever. This is a big deal for me because, at one time I managed over 1,500 domains with their services for various clients, but today I have successfully moved my last domain away from GoDaddy. Once a Great Titan, Now a Fossil Of Its Past Greatness: Godaddy, at one […]

Business Travel Light

How to Travel for Speed Not Weight

I just started traveling as part of my new business Dealer Simplified, and realized right away that I needed to learn fast how to travel light. Here are some tips from the web that I found today. Stop using that crappy old suitcase. If you’re still using a suitcase your mother loaned you, it may […]

Smile and Say Thank You

“THANK YOU”, the Most Important Words in Human Language?

“Thank you for reading this article, it means a lot to me.” “Thank you for visiting, I hope you find it useful and informative.” See what I mean, it just feels good to be thanked. No matter where you are a sincere thank you means a lot to your friends, family, co-workers and customers. […]

Is Holacracy®, The Self Managed Company on a whole new Level?

The buzz word Holacracy® has been batted around lately to describe a company structure that is not hierarchical in nature, but instead allows the managers to self manage and distribute authority to achieve company goals more efficiently. The term holacracy is derived from the term holarchy, first mentioned by Arthur Koestler in his 1967 book […]