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Smile and Say Thank You

“THANK YOU”, the Most Important Words in Human Language?

“Thank you for reading this article, it means a lot to me.” “Thank you for visiting, I hope you find it useful and informative.” See what I mean, it just feels good to be thanked. No matter where you are a sincere thank you means a lot to your friends, family, co-workers and customers. […]

Positive Mental Attitude

Be positive, you have a great life

There is always something to be thankful for: I want to get you into a positive state of mind. I want you to remember that there is always something to be thankful for. No matter what your current life situation is, you can be grateful. Sometimes it helps to put things in perspective. Remember… Someone […]

these are not the arguements.fw

How Would Obi-Wan Deal with Trouble Customers-Employees?

“These are not the arguments you are looking for!” The rePhrased Photo Copier technique. Over years we have all heard the line “Repeat their words back to them” as a method to calm down an upset client. I strongly disagree, repeating their complaint can come off as condescending and unnatural as a photocopier. Instead consider […]

NaySayers Bad Bosses Innovation KIllers

Dealing with naysayer’s and Innovation Killers

Who are naysayer’s? One who frequently engages in excessive complaining, negative banter and/or a genuinely poor and downbeat attitude. Naysayers are distinguished by their tendency to consistently view the glass half empty and constantly emphasize the worst of a situation. They have the keen ability to spread their pessimistic attitude to a group of unsuspecting […]

Smiling is a SuperPower

Top 10 Reasons Smiling is a Superpower

“I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish” Mother Teresa 1. Smiling Boosts our Immune System You hear about cancer hospitals bringing in clowns and comedians to help put a smile on the face of their patients. This is not just for the fun factor; it is proven in study […]

mentor not tormentor

Be a Mentor not a Tormentor

The fine line between being a coach or a tyrant. As a manager, holding people accountable is an important task. You can write up procedures and processes until your fingers are sore, but if you don’t follow up to see that your team is actually doing the work, the end is in sight. “Delegate then […]

The Smallest Complement Can Change Someone’s Life

A few months back I received a phone call from a person I did not recognize. Lets call him Bob for the sake of this article and his privacy. Bob said, “Kevin you won’t remember me but many years ago  you changed my life forever” As you can imagine this is not something that you […]