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How to Travel for Speed Not Weight

I just started traveling as part of my new business Dealer Simplified, and realized right away that I needed to learn fast how to travel light. Here are some tips from the web that I found today. Stop using that crappy old suitcase. If you’re still using a suitcase your mother loaned you, it may […]

Is Holacracy®, The Self Managed Company on a whole new Level?

The buzz word Holacracy® has been batted around lately to describe a company structure that is not hierarchical in nature, but instead allows the managers to self manage and distribute authority to achieve company goals more efficiently. The term holacracy is derived from the term holarchy, first mentioned by Arthur Koestler in his 1967 book […]


I’m Broke, How Can I Publish?

Listen to my Podcast Interview on Rocking Self Publishing Self Publishing with No Money I ran into a friend the other day that heard about my book, Gollup the Woods. She is surviving on little income with health issues. She said to me, mid conversation, “I wish I could afford to write my novel.” Then […]


Bootstrapping, a Definition of Lean Business

Bootstrapping a startup refers to starting a small business by funding it yourself only with the profits from the business as start up cash. This is how most emigrants grow their business by starting small and only expanding the business with funds on hand. In other words; without getting any bank or VC loans. Locally […]