Bootstrapping, a Definition of Lean Business

Bootstrapping a startup refers to starting a small business by funding it yourself only with the profits from the business as start up cash.

broke_startupThis is how most emigrants grow their business by starting small and only expanding the business with funds on hand. In other words; without getting any bank or VC loans.

Locally we have a restaurant called Ted’s Hotdogs, on the walls of their locations you will see  historic photos of their first hot dog cart, then stand, then second location etc. This is classic bootstrapping

Boot strapping is challenging, as the start up is almost all sweat labor from the owner or founders but with 100% of the funds coming back to them the opportunity for large income is great, assuming the business takes off.

Boot Strappers tend to work hard and play hard. They get up early, they rarely complain, they expect performance from others, but they expect extraordinary performance from themselves. Repeated, high-level bootstrapping starts with a recognition that hard work pays off.

9/14/11 Kevin B Leigh

Also by Kevin Leigh the Young Adult Novel Gollup the Woods

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